2019 Pavilion Prize

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The winners of the Abu Dhabi Art Pavilion Prize 2019 are:
Mohammad Samara and Dania Darra, mentored by Juan Roldan, Assistant Professor at American University of Sharjah, with the concept “Tamazoj”. The winners received a prize of AED 10,000 and had their design created at Abu Dhabi Art 2019.


The runners up, Saagarika Dias, Mary Krajekian, and Rania Mohamed with the concept “Khayma”,  received a prize of AED 5,000.


Design Statement


“Tamazoj” is an Arabic word that means to homogenously blend together or co-exist in harmony.


The project takes the visual campaign for Abu Dhabi Art “Life in a Bag” in a literal sense, as a starting point; by creating interventions within the pavilion that act as “bags” of nature, or life. This symbolizes the UAE’s mission to move towards sustainability and prioritize the environment. By allowing bags of nature to disrupt the orthogonality of human space, the pavilion values “co-existence” and emphasizes human responsibility for the future and the environment, which Sheikh Zayed was very passionate about. The pavilion makes a statement toward a new future, one in which co-existence with nature also creates a unique space for visitors to experience and contemplate. Our proposal makes use of recycled scaffolding for structural elements, polycarbonate panels for enclosure, and a gridded wall that could be used to hang pots of plants, or become interactive for visitors. The purpose is to create a vibrant interesting space for visitors that elicits curiosity and conversation while fostering comfort.

Designer Biography


Dania Darra is a passionate high-achieving architecture student at the American University of Sharjah. She spends her time volunteering at humanitarian events through which she has acquired a passion for designing solutions through architecture. She strongly believes in gaining a different perspective from every new experience, and aims to be an architect that contributes to building a future for people and therefore the environment. Through leadership, creativity, and an open mind, an architect can create change in the world.

Mohammad Samara is an enthusiastic Architect to be, currently studying at the American University of Sharjah. His interests have long revolved around innovation and sustainability, while attempting to find the balance between creativity and efficiency. He strongly believes in learning through exploring and experiencing different places and cultures first hand and putting yourself out there. His ambitions lie in contributing to a constantly improving Architecture that is more site and user sensitive.