2018 Pavilion Prize

  • Hawaa Concept by Laian Zuhair and Jumanah Rizk, 2018 Winning Design
  • Hawaa Concept by Laian Zuhair and Jumanah Rizk, 2018 Winning Design

The winners of the Abu Dhabi Art Pavilion Prize 2018 are:
Laian Zuhair and Jumanah Rizk with the concept ‘Hawaa’. The winners received a prize of AED 10,000 and had their design created at Abu Dhabi Art 2018  


Design Concept:

‘Hawaa’ is an Arabic word for light wind, which is the focal point of the pavilion as it channels the winds of the sea from the northwest: Al Shamal wind. Visitors are invited to experience the natural environment through a micro-ecosystem that fosters wind and sunlight to create a comfortable space with respect to nature. The natural elements of the UAE are translated into an experiential space that relies on materials repurposed from construction scaffolding for its lightweight structure. The vegetation clusters that flourish intermittently create a contrast between the natural and built conditions of the UAE. The pavilion contains three walls of rammed Adobe, a natural and sustainable material that acts as both an obstruction to channel the wind and as a thermal mass to effectively absorb heat. The light wells and vegetation pockets then act as heat sinks and diffuse hot air away from the spaces.  



Born and raised in Saudi Arabia with a multicultural background, Laian Zuhair is a Saudi architecture student currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Architecture at the American University of Sharjah (AUS). Laian is passionate about digital fabrication, sustainable architecture and exploring how design can help improve the lives of others. Laian aspires to use architecture in a way that benefits everyone.  


Jumanah Rizk is an architecture student at the American University of Sharjah based in Dubai. Her interest in sustainability, environmental ethics and social behaviour drives her multidisciplinary approach to architecture and design. Guided by a passion for cultivating meditative spaces for heightened human interaction, her work encourages a cultural shift towards environmental considerations.