Carl De Smet

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Noumenon, founded by Carl De Smet, is a research and development company based in Antwerp (Belgium) and Belgrade (Serbia). Drawing on the inspiration of different scientific fields, noumenon focuses on developing ‘programmable materials’ and pioneering the approach of ‘smartification of objects’.

Noumenon re-imagine products where material systems exhibit an increasing functionality for self-assembly that could transform everything. Noumenon’s team has successfully developed Shape Memory Polyurethane, which are chemical mechanised tools for designing ‘self- reconfiguration products’. This technological novelty of ‘self-reconfiguration’ wherein ‘the material is the mechanism’ creates a wide range of strategic business outcomes. Smart material machines leap beyond the traditional organisation of objects; outputs emerge in unseen ways, such as customers receiving e-furniture in their mailbox, which assembles itself when required. Even a new class of robotic devices – material robots – are conceivable.