Abdelrahman El-Shahed

Abdelrahman Elshahed (b. 1993, Makkah, KSA) raised in the holy city which had a great influence on him, as he learned the art of calligraphy in the Holy Mosque of Makkah. Elshahed received the Calligraphy certification ‘Ijaza’ in 2012. Along with his interests in Art, he taught Arabic Calligraphy at the Holy Mosque of Makkah, gave several lectures and workshops on Islamic art, and published a number of research papers within the field. He obtained a bachelor's degree in Architecture | Faculty of Engineering and Islamic Architecture | Umm Al Qura University. 

His works focuses on spiritual geometric (Arabic calligraphy) as it is the origin of Islamic art. His works deal with texts, sacred meanings and cultural, historical, religious and spatial heritage through mixed media forms and deep symbolism. His works discusses various ideas and concepts as important values of humanity. The Calligraphy and Architecture are an important communication tools in his contemporary artistic dialogue.

He designed one of the largest calligraphy gates in the world, which was in Jeddah International Book Fair 2016 | KSA. 

Elshahed has many public and private collections and has participated in several group exhibitions around the world. He has won many awards, including Okaz International Prize for Arabic Calligraphy 2011, and Qadasah International Short Film Award 2013.