2017 Show Designer

Nilsson Pflugfelder
Nilsson Pflugfelder was founded by Magnus Nilsson and Ralf Pflugfelder and is based in London and Berlin. The practice is situated on the intersection of critical spatial design, architecture, art and discourse. The practice has been specialising in projects where spatial constructs overlap, dissect and frictionally flatten several usually distinct programmes into one coherent gesture. Nilsson and Pflugfelder’s work has been exhibited widely, including at Manifesta 9 Parallel Events, FLACC, Wysing Arts Centre, DAZ, Performa 11 & 09 Biennials, Kunsthaus Graz, Gwangju Biennale, based in Berlin, Netherlands Architecture Institute, Archive of Spatial Aesthetics and Praxis, Kunstraum Lüneburg, 0047, The Gopher Hole, SKOR, Manifesta 8, Program e.V., MAC Chile, Le 104 Centquatre, Kunstverein Düsseldorf, Arnolfini and the Lyon Biennial.


Each programmatic entity is conceived as an autonomous island that, together, makes up Abu Dhabi Art in the form of an archipelago. Consisting of ubiquitous 450 X 450 X 450 mm open cubes, the various islands are, within the exhibition, conceived as modular intensities of programmatic content. The resulting geometries are part of a self-similar system capable of producing specificity and difference: sprawling/condensed, formal/informal, open/closed. Programmatically autonomous, geometrically connected, the islands are assembled to become a stage, social hub, a stalactite, another stage, an entrance, a mysterious stele. As the islands are scattered incidents within the space of an archipelago, the project is a brief incident, consciously reconnecting across an archipelago of time, forming narratives with past eras of utopian interventions.