Elisabeth Deane

Elisabeth Deane (b. 1985) is a painter who uses ancient traditional techniques to make work with a contemporary twist. Deane’s colours and detailed brushwork are inspired by Islamic geometry and the miniature painting traditions of India and Iran.
“My aim is to yield delight and joy through the geometric arrangement of colour”. Many of the colours are stone based – lapis lazuli, malachite and cinnabar – and all have been sourced from the earth and then ground painstakingly by hand. “I am interested in intricate patterns and colour relationships. Natural pigments are beautiful. I’m aiming for that right combination of colours which when brought together create vibrations, ones that sing.” The abstract geometric nature of much of Deane’s work represents both the simple and the universal, the micro and the macro and the interplay between these dichotomies.

Represented by Grosvenor Gallery