Galleries FAQ

What are the gallery sectors of Abu Dhabi Art?
Modern and Contemporary art galleries have the option to apply to two sectors, click here to find out more.


Can a gallery share a booth with another gallery?

Yes, by submitting a joint proposal


What information does the gallery have to submit?
Please refer to the Gallery application, click here to find out more.


When does the application open?
Applications open at the start of March and close mid-April


How can I get the application?
Please click here.

For enquiries please contact the Exhibitor Relations Team
T: +971 2599 5180


When will the accepted list of Galleries be announced?

The Galleries who have been accepted will be informed directly, there will then be an announcement in the press in July.


Can I participate as an independent artist in Abu Dhabi Art?
No, only artists who are represented by a selected gallery may participate through the gallery.

Are there any special hotel deals for participating galleries?

Yes, Abu Dhabi Art secures special deals for participating galleries. For more information, please refer to the exhibitor kit or email


Do you have suggestions for shippers and art handlers to use?
Abu Dhabi Art will recommend shipping companies and art handlers to all accepted exhibitors and this information will be provided in the Exhibitor Kit. For more information, please refer to the exhibitor kit or email