Whistle is an exhibition space established for artistic sensory experience in June 2017, located in Itaewon, Seoul. The program focuses mainly on emerging artists based in Seoul while also curating group exhibitions with international artists. Whistle organizes and completes an exhibition as a collaborator of the artist and continues to carry out various projects together.
Whistle’s inaugural exhibition Clear Confusion brought together artists Jiieh G Hur and Min ha Park in resisting the passage of time within paradox; the following year, Whistle showed artists Chihiro Mori and Teppei Kaneuji together with artist-and-musicians Noncheleee and Yoonkee Kim in Singing Pictures. Likewise, exhibitions with Eun Sun Lee and Jiieh G Hur in 2019 shrugged conventional ideas of space, incorporating installation into the environment to create an immersive experience between the visitor and the space itself.
Inviting curators to examine local and international artists and seek directions and methods of presentation, Whistle aims to act as a flexible space with active discourse.

Courtesy of Whistle and Ram Han
Case series originally produced under commission by 2020 Busan Biennale.


3rd floor, 12 Hoenamu-ro 13-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Exhibiting Artists

Ram Han

Ram Han

Ram Han