PIBI Gallery

Established in December of 2016 by HaeKyung Pibi Kim, PIBI Gallery aims to bring talented Korean and international artists into the limelight and explore the creative ways contemporary art can present itself to us. Housed in the culturally and historically rich neighborhood of Samcheong-dong, PIBI Gallery serves not only as a place that recognizes artistic talent and encourages artists to explore their limits, but also as a space of open communication, connecting through a broad span of channels covering the world of art consulting and project planning. It is the intention of the gallery to be at the forefront of familiarizing art lovers with all the diverse genres of contemporary art, putting together equally diverse exhibitions that highlight talent from all geographical areas. It is our aspiration to reach out to artists worldwide while providing lasting and definitive support in getting Korean artists across to the international art world.


125-6, Bukchon-ro, Jongno-gu
Seoul, South Korea



Exhibiting Artists

Chun Eun

Chun Eun

Chun Eun